64% of all Snowvation partner bookings happened outside of regular business hours
— 2017-2018 Season Data


Guests can book any activity or product at resorts, review instructors, submit payments and reviews — all from their smartphone.




Replace your outdated booking system with a cloud-based platform offering end-to-end visibility and efficiency.


We were also able to pre-book more lessons than we ever had in the history of Tamarack for the holiday season because of the online booking.
— Chelsea Tuttle, Snow Sports Administrator, Tamarack Resort

Cloud-based platform

Less risk, less cost, instant deployment

Set & adjust products & pricing on the fly

Test and roll out new products quicker

Instant bookings & e-commerce

Convenient booking increases sales

Instructor & guest profiles

Deeper instructor-guest engagement, before and after the visit

AutoMate inventory management

Dynamic tools ensure you never undersell, or oversell

Integration with different systems

Maintain core ERP/POS systems

Seamless implementation

Realize value in under a week

Snowvation is the most flexible online booking solution that we found to work for both the guest and the resort.
— Erik Barnes, VP & General Manager, Mount Snow


Snowvation currently integrates with several leading systems and is adding new connections every month. It is our goal to deliver a platform that fits seamlessly into your current IT ecosystem and enhances your capabilities without compromising efficiency.

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