Opportunities at Snowvation

Where do you go to book ski and snowboard trip for yourself or your kids in advance of that annual vacation in the Rockies?  The resort website of course!  Except, many of the resorts you know take your information and put it into a spreadsheet and then use that to schedule their team and fill their classes.  Not anymore!  Enter Snowvation!  We’re a 2 year old startup with rapidly growing revenues, investors who believe in us and a dream for the future of the resort industry.  We need your help – c’mon board!

Open Positions

senior software engineer

Are you smart, talented and have enterprise grade experience building web apps?  This is no lightweight job – the platform is stable but the backlog is big and the feature wish list is long.  You probably have about 5 years of experience under your belt so this isn’t your first rodeo.  You enjoy outdoor sports but understand that we’re a startup so we’re all working hard to evolve, stabilize, and extend the product – growing from dozens of customers to hundreds as fast as we can.

who you are:

  • A professional developer with 5 years of experience as a software engineer and with a couple of enterprise level projects under your belt

  • Proud of your BS in Computer Science, Engineering or a related discipline

  • Demonstrated experience as a full stack developer including web frameworks and mySQL databases

  • Ninja level Python 3 skill – this is your tool of choice

  • A solid understanding of development best practices and respect for well-engineered products

  • A deep technical tool belt that might include Django, Flask, SQLAlchemy, WTForms, Ajax, Bootstrap, Jira, Stripe and Google hosting

  • A talent for making sense out of obscurity – you immediately begin executing concepts in your mind the moment someone has an idea.

  • A “can do” not “can’t do” mindset

  • Have worked in an early-stage company so you know what it means to shift priorities and responsibilities.

  • Organized professional capable of managing your time, tasks and activities without daily guidance

  • Willing to jump in wherever we need you – we’re a small company and everyone has a collection of hats to wear

imagine spending your days:

  • Actively working to burn down the backlog and prioritize the feature list – taking on the tough stuff and breaking out reasonable chunks for others to tackle

  • Collaborating with the leadership team to determine the best design path for future functionality

  • Coaching and mentoring your junior team members so that they can learn from your experience and grow professionally

  • Staying on top of the latest in web, ecommerce and API trends in order to keep us relevant

  • Working closely with the entire team to make sure that our product performs well and stands up to some tough scrutiny

  • Actively participating in establishing the company’s strategic direction and driving the technology evolution

  • Sharing your experience and best practices to elevate the entire organization – a rising tide lifts all boats

  • Grabbing lunch with the team and working through that tough technical issue over a game of foosball

What you'll enjoy as a member of the team:

  • Salary and real stock

  • A scrappy, smart and dedicated team of pros to hang out with

  • Super cool location in the ballpark district for your working pleasure

to apply:

Email personal resume/CV to info@snowvation.com with the subject line Open Career Opportunity With Snowvation. We look forward to hearing from you!