Tamarack Resort more than doubles ski school revenue after signing on with Snowvation

Tamarack Resort more than doubles ski school revenue after signing on with Snowvation

We saw a dramatic increase in sports school revenues and almost doubled our dollar per skier visit in lessons.

Wolfe Ashcraft, Tamarack’s Director of Operations, speaks about the success of integrating Snowvation’s cloud-based eCommerce platform. Snowvation has not only saved time for Tamarack staff by managing and increasing their online ski school and ticket bookings, but they have also increased efficiency and overall per-client revenue. “We used to show up at 7:30AM with over 25 voicemails from people wanting to book. Then we couldn’t reach some of them, and they would book elsewhere- so this has eliminated a lot of that.”

Wolfe goes on to discuss the overall experience,  “The support from Snowvation has been amazing and very prompt. Snowvation made it clear that they would build something that would truly work for us in the real world as opposed to offering a canned solution. Their engineers and whole team listened to our feedback and made necessary changes. Our staff agree that the online chat support and feedback implementation has been phenomenal.”

Snowvation has enjoyed collaborating with the innovative team at Tamarack to enhance their guest experience and drive revenue growth.

It was an inspiration for us a resort to continue to leverage technology, we saw the benefits and will continue to leverage modern technology to help us in the future.
— Wolfe Ashcraft, Director of Operations

Switch from Liftopia, Pay 0% Credit Card Fees

Join the Fastest Growing Booking Platform in the Industry

Snowvation is pleased to offer 0% credit card processing fees and no subscription or license fees for the 2018-2019 Winter season to any ski & snowboard area currently using the Liftopia Cloud Store. After that, your resort will only pay our low rate of 1.8% per transaction, all card types, all countries. Show us your current booking site with Liftopia and we’ll migrate your resort to the ski industry’s fastest growing platform for activity booking and management.  Sell any activity, product, or program your resort offers, at no cost to your resort, with immediate credit card savings right off the bat.

Join resorts like Grand Geneva, Mount Southington and many more, in switching from Liftopia to Snowvation to sell more products and keep more of what your resort earns. Plus, resorts can leverage Snowvation’s new artificial intelligence powered tool for pricing, Temps. Temps enables resorts to dynamically price everything from lift tickets to lessons, rentals, activities, and beyond.

Further, Snowvation’s best-in-class eCommerce experience will maximize your online conversion rates and drive traffic in other resort departments to pre-book, with the ability to sell time-based activities like private lessons, zipline tours, and more. In the words of our friends at Tamarack Resort, "We were able to pre-book more lessons than we ever had in the history of Tamarack for the holiday season because of Snowvation’s online booking experience" (Chelsea Tuttle, Snow Sports Administrator).

Snowvation is the ski and snowboard industry’s leading new management & booking platform. But, with newly released robust integrations to popular Point of Sale systems, you can keep your existing tools in place and have a more direct eCommerce to POS integration than your current experience. With real-time inventory management for time-based products, pricing management for all resort products, and one cart to sell everything, it’s a great time to join the over 40 resorts who have partnered with Snowvation.

To get started, send us an email at info@snowvation.com, subject line “Switch to Snowvation” and we’ll schedule a quick 30 minute demo to get started with your new platform and 0% credit card fees.

Snowvation Brings Total Funding to $1.2 Million for Activity Expansion & European Markets

New Clients in Switzerland and Additional Capital Raised

Denver, Colorado x 4 Vallées, Switzerland, June 21, 2018 -- Snowvation, the leading activity booking & management platform company for the Mountain industry, today announced that it has secured an additional $700,000 investment bringing its total capital raised to nearly $1.2 million. The investment was made by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, Nelnet, Revelis Capital Group, Nebraska Angels, and several other independent investors & family offices. With news of the raise comes expansion to Switzerland for the company and its quickly-growing platform. The company has announced 2 clients in Switzerland operating at Verbier Resort, Nendaz Resort, and Zermatt Resort. "Snowvation is providing resorts with best-in-class solutions to address the fundamental challenge of how to cater to an increasingly millennial demographic. The ski resort industry is ripe for an update, and we believe Snowvation is well positioned to capitalize on the opportunity" said Oliver Hopkinson, Co-Founder at Revelis Capital Group.

“Snowvation was built to help consumers better engage with and access ski resorts, and to help resorts streamline their operations. Now, we’ve grown to help dozens of destinations and activity providers across 4 continents manage and book everything from ski & snowboard lessons to zip-line tours, mountain bike guides, snowtubing, and beyond” said Michael Stocker, Founder & CEO at Snowvation. “In the 2017-18 Winter Season, we processed over 10,000 e-commerce transactions for our partners, with some resorts pre-booking nearly 40% of their total season revenue before December 1. This latest capital raise enables us to continue expansion beyond e-commerce & management technology into smart pricing, digital engagement, and third party distribution. Above all, our customers will remain instrumental to the product’s continued evolution.”

Snowvation, which already serves clients across the U.S., Japan, New Zealand, Chile, and Canada, has partnered with Matterhorn Diamonds and AlpineMojo Ski School, both located in the Swiss Alps. Both ski schools, operating in the largest concentration of the mountain industry globally, were searching for ways to stand out against their competition, and for tools to empower their guests and to build brand loyalty.

“Snowvation will enable the guest to have a much clearer, faster and slicker online booking process than we’ve had in the past” said Rowena Phillips, Director at Matterhorn Diamonds in Zermatt, Switzerland. “I believe the ski industry is just starting to embrace new technologies and there is so much scope for innovation.  Using an integrated platform like Snowvation, with the extensive functionality it offers will act as a launchpad for Matterhorn Diamonds to expand and create, being supported by technology rather than run by it.”

“It’s great to partner with Snowvation and leverage a platform that has been built by a team of people who are passionate about the sport and have identified a real gap in the industry. Snowvation has not just created a solution, but a whole new experience both for the clients and resorts” added Eliott Gates, CEO at AlpineMojo.


About Snowvation
Founded in 2016, Snowvation is the largest and fastest growing activity booking platform for the Mountain Industry.  Snowvation is a venture-backed company that empowers dozens of Mountain Destinations across Europe, the United States, Asia, and South America, to better engage with their guests. Snowvation's best-in-class activity booking platform enables destinations to offer a seamless e-commerce experience powered by a robust real-time scheduling, payroll, and management tool.

About Matterhorn Diamonds
Matterhorn Diamonds is a small bespoke ski school offering only private tuition in Zermatt, Switzerland. All our full-time instructors are fully qualified, very experienced and know every inch of the mountains around Zermatt. Our promise is a safe environment, tailored learning and maximum enjoyment.

About AlpineMojo
Alpinemojo Ski School based in Verbier and Nendaz, provides high quality ski and snowboard lessons for beginners to advanced, from experienced qualified ski instructors and snowboard instructors who know the 4 Vallées like the back of their hand. Our instructors know where to go, and when to go to ensure you have a fabulous day to remember, whether it’s skiing or boarding in the best places & finding the best conditions or eating in the most sought after mountain restaurants.

About Revelis Capital Group
Revelis Capital Group, LLC ("Revelis") is a family office-backed private investment firm with offices in Denver and Aspen, Colorado, focused on providing high net worth individuals and family offices with access to elite early stage direct venture investments. Through our internal network, we have preferred access to some of the most compelling early stage venture deals on the market. We have found that many high net worth individuals and families have an appetite for these high-upside opportunities, but rarely have the resources and exposure necessary to access the very best. Revelis was founded to fill this gap in the marketplace—to identify the most promising deals available and provide direct investment opportunities to investors in demand of quality deal flow.  

Contact: Jake Luster, Operations Manager, jake@snowvation.com (970 633-0322)

Snowvation Announces Temps, an AI Powered Pricing Platform for Activities

DENVER, CO - May 8, 2018 -- Snowvation, a leading activity e-commerce and management platform for the mountain industry, today announced Temps, the industry’s first artificial intelligence powered pricing platform for resort activities.

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with data collected from Snowvation’s rapidly growing list of partner resorts across the globe, Temps will enable resorts to drive revenue growth in new departments. Resort products like lift tickets and lodging have long been priced dynamically to maximize revenue, but activities like ski & snowboard lessons have remained static. Weighing factors like remaining capacity, time of day, historical demand, price elasticity, and a wealth of other data points, Temps will empower resorts and ski schools to take a step beyond ticket and lodging pricing management to maximize capacities and sales.

“Pricing in ski school and other resort activities has remained static while other lines of business have gone dynamic, enabling resorts to drive revenue growth. With the tens of thousands of monthly transactions flowing through Snowvation, our platform will leverage the vast pool of data we collect to maximize ski school revenue and capacity for our partners, and to gain insights into guest purchasing behavior” said Michael Stocker, CEO at Snowvation. “Of equal, if not more importance, ski schools may now be able to open up lessons and activities to a more diverse socioeconomic demographic. Cost is often cited as a main barrier to taking a lesson, and with Temps, our partners will be able to drive revenue growth with smart pricing, while also opening opportunities for new consumers to purchase activities at sometimes lower costs.”

With Temps, ski schools will not only be able to drive revenue growth and bring in a more diverse segment of consumers, they will also be able to use staff more efficiently. With smart pricing management and machine learning to constantly improve the platform’s accuracy, ski schools will be better able to forecast staffing needs to maximize instructor utilization.

“At Snowvation, one of our core principles is to constantly take actionable feedback from our partner resorts of all sizes. As we continued to hear requests from ski school leaders to find ways to better manage staff utilization and margins, we began to realize that pricing in resort activities like ski school needed an overhaul” added Jake Luster, Product Manager at Snowvation.

Temps will also enable partners to price lift tickets and other non-lodging products dynamically, and to have the accuracy of pricing predictions increased over time through machine learning. Temps will be released in the coming weeks and included in the platform optionally to all Snowvation partners for the 2018-2019 Winter season.

Snowvation Announces New Clients, Expanded Service to New Zealand & Chile

Chile & New Zealand Latest Countries to Leverage New Mountain Destination Technology

DENVER, CO (May 1, 2018) — Snowvation is pleased to announce inaugural clients and its launch for service in New Zealand and Chile, coming this Winter 2018. Snowvation has partnered with Rainbow Ski Area in the Marlborough Region of New Zealand, and El Colorado Resort & Parques de Farellones near Santiago, Chile. Previously, Snowvation supported multiple countries in the Northern Hemisphere, including the United States, Canada, Japan, and China, and this expansion marks the beginning of Snowvation’s innovative technology penetrating the Southern Hemisphere ski markets.

“For us, this is a step forward with regard to automating our operations and enhancing our guest experience at a responsible price” said James Lazor, General Manager at Rainbow Ski Area. “We looked at streamlining several of our administrative tasks that we have been doing manually in the past and Snowvation fit into our requirements. The online functionality for booking that Snowvation offers will make our customer experience smooth and consistent.” Reaching a height of over 1760 metres, Rainbow captures regular winter snow, complemented by extensive snow making, all superbly groomed to create a stunning winter playground. Its presence in the world famous Nelson/Marlborough lifestyle region of New Zealand requires it to cater to a tech-savvy and modern consumer, making Snowvation a perfect fit.

Located just 39 km from Santiago, El Colorado & Parques de Farellones is the most popular resort among Chilean skiers and snowboarders, and also the oldest, dating back to the 1930s. Despite its rich history and traditional style in many ways, El Colorado offers a modern resort experience and needed to find a better way to offer its guests seamless booking for their activities and products. By partnering with Snowvation, the iconic Chilean resort will empower its guests, who come from across the globe, to pre-book activities like ski & snowboard lessons, tickets, rentals, and more, without ever having to pick up the phone to contact the resort.

“Our team is honored to launch the industry’s fastest growing activity booking & management platform in the Chilean and New Zealand markets” stated Michael Stocker, CEO at Snowvation. “We are lucky to be working with the innovative teams at Rainbow, El Colorado & Parques de Farellones. Each of these resorts operates differently, as do all Snowvation partners, and its fascinating to observe the power of our platform’s flexibility in meeting the needs of resorts of all types, sizes, and geographies. We are delighted to increase our global footprint with clients in 5 countries and 4 continents, and equally excited to announce new markets in the coming weeks.”


Snowvation & Ascent360 Carve Out a Partnership

B2B SaaS companies will enable deep customer insights for ski resorts

GOLDEN, Colo., April 19, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ascent360, the Customer Data Platform (CDP) company, is excited to announce its new partnership with Snowvation, a company with a leading technology platform that manages e-commerce, scheduling, real-time availability, rentals, and ticketing for ski and snowboard resorts worldwide. 

As a pioneer of cloud-based customer data integration platforms, Ascent360 will integrate seamlessly with Snowvation being able to now enhance customer profiles through attributes such as skier ability, lesson type, and more. Leveraging this additional data will allow resorts the ability to deliver more targeted guest experiences, personalize marketing campaigns and analyze the customer in greater depth than ever before. 

"Our integration with Ascent360 will offer limitless capabilities in enabling resorts to target their ski school marketing efforts based on factors like ability level, progression, instructor satisfaction, and more," said Michael Stocker, CEO of Snowvation. "If beginner conversion is essential to our future, better leveraging all of the data that Snowvation collects from ski school guests is imperative."

One way the partnership will enhance the guest experience is to seamlessly integrate booking data with pre-arrival emails, giving the customer pertinent information leading up to their lesson even before they arrive at the mountain. Resorts will be able to deliver targeted information like weather, dining options, parking tips, daycare suggestions, coupons, and more, based on the type of customer. In addition, with the ability to integrate all data, Snowvation's partnership with Ascent360 will allow for post-lesson surveys about guest experiences, as well as up-sell emails and incentives. 

"Our goal is to build a lifelong relationship with your customer by enabling granular, targeted and authentic conversations," said Scott Buelter, CEO of Ascent360. "Our integration with Snowvation will extend the power of the technology stack available to resorts, and will dramatically improve the experience for the customer, creating more loyalty—which leads to better overall revenue in the long run."

"Snowvation and Ascent360 represent two of the fastest growing new technology players in the ski industry," Stocker said. "Our partnership and integration will help challenge the status quo-thinking in the space and open new doors to offer a modern guest experience… before, during, and after the visit." 

About Ascent360 
Headquartered in Golden, CO, Ascent360 is the pioneer of a leading cloud-based customer data platform for B2C companies looking to turn customer data into insights and income.  Learn more by visiting www.ascent360.com.  

About Snowvation
Founded in 2016, Snowvation is the largest and fastest growing snowsports platform.  Snowvation is a venture-backed company that empowers dozens of ski & snowboard areas across the United States, Asia, and South America, to better engage with their guests. Snowvation's best-in-class activity booking platform enables resorts to offer a seamless e-commerce experience powered by a robust real-time scheduling, payroll, and management tool.

Contact: Laura Hazlett, Director of Marketing
lhazlett@ascent360.com  (720) 863.7851

Ragged Mountain's Snowvation Story: Bebe Woods Program, Learning to Ski Free, & Best In Class Booking

Ragged & Snowvation Partner to Help Grow the Industry

With the winter season all but over in most of the country, we caught up with Ben Hall, the Marketing Director at Ragged Mountain Resort in New Hampshire to discuss the positive impact that implementing Snowvation’s online booking and management platform has had on their resort. This year, Ragged Mountain used Snowvation for its incredibly popular and first of its kind Bebe Wood Free Learn to Ski & Ride Program. In order to rewrite the script of how to increase new participation in the ski industry, Ragged Mountain removed the biggest hurdle faced when learning how to ski or ride: the cost. Through this unique Free Learn to Ski & Ride program, individuals receive three free lessons, lift tickets, and brand new rental equipment.

Combining this innovative lesson program with Snowvation’s best-in-class technology was a match made in first-time skier and rider’s heaven. We let Ben share more about three key benefits Ragged experienced this season: guest experience, better data and use of data, and a more diverse group of visitors.

“We (Ragged) wanted to have a program that was intuitive to the guests as users, had an easy process for booking, and would help them along their path of becoming a skier or snowboarder. Snowvation really fits that mold perfectly” said Hall. “We needed an online booking partner who understands the nuances of the ski industry” he continued, pointing to Snowvation’s experienced team in snowsports, which enables the platform to capture unique operational nuances that other booking platforms have often overlooked.

The opportunity to take three free lessons made Snowvation’s booking platform even more valuable to Ragged guests, as repeat guests booking through Snowvation can click and book in a matter of seconds, and track their ski & ride progression along the way. After completing the program, participants can also return to book with Ragged and receive discounted group lessons.

Hall continued on to articulate what Snowvation has done from a management and data standpoint stating “We found opportunities to enhance and streamline the program based on the data we were seeing throughout the season. Being able to better schedule and estimate how many people we have coming through at any point in time throughout the season is going to allow us to give a better experience to our guest, and to use our staff more effectively. I see us having an even more successful year next year because of the lessons (no pun intended) that we have been able to extrapolate from the data this year.”

Bringing a more diverse group of participants to the sport is a constant struggle for many resorts. “One unexpected and positive consequence of implementing Snowvation was an increase in more diverse cultures coming into the sport for the first time.” Combining a free program with a seamless booking experience can quickly make, at least trying, skiing and riding a no-brainer.

Hall concluded his Snowvation Story stating “It feels like a strong partnership as opposed to just a client-business service, and I feel like that is really important in this industry. The receptiveness from the whole team has been wonderful and has made both myself and the other team members here feel very confident in Snowvation moving forward.”

The team at Snowvation echoed Hall’s sentiments, and feel very confident in the future of the industry with the innovation that resorts like Ragged Mountain are bringing forth through the Bebe Wood program. Working with several dozen resorts and ski schools across 4 continents, we experience a wide range of innovation and unique operating practices. The Bebe Wood Learn to Ski & Ride Program is truly one of the leaders in bringing new participants to our sport, and we hope our partnership with Ragged Mountain will have wider benefits to the industry as a whole.

Stay tuned for more Snowvation Stories from partners across the globe throughout the spring and summer!

Snowvation Releases Online Waivers and Guest Questionnaires

Announcing New Features to Make Everyone's Lives Easier

One of Snowvation's goals is to minimize the amount of time a guest spends inside prior to getting on the snow. Or, in a perfect world, to enable the guest to arrive at the resort and get on the snow immediately. No guest wants to wait in line, fill out paperwork, answer questions, and waste time standing around in their gear.

This is why Snowvation is delighted to announce several new features aimed at eliminating tedious steps in guest check-in, to allow our partner resorts a seamless guest experience from booking to lesson-start and beyond. 

Online Waivers - Waivers & releases of liability are a paper-heavy, cumbersome, but absolutely important part of every activity your resort offers. Waivers aren't going away anytime soon (thanks lawyers), but filing cabinets full of waivers and copies flying all over the place while guests try to sign with their big mittens on, that's going away. Snowvation has released the ability for partner resorts to upload any number of variations of waivers on a per product, activity, or resort basis. Waivers are e-signed, and the guest's name, DOB, and a timestamp of their acceptance are all recorded and easily searchable by resort administrators in the event that a signed waiver needs to be printed off. The technology behind waivers & e-signatures is simple, and there's no need, in 2018, to pay a company (we won't name names, yet) dedicated to online PDFs for a service so simple, but so essential to the operation.

Guest Questionnaires - Activities at your resort are dynamic and nuanced between season, discipline, age, etc. There is often a lot of information you want to collect from guests, and Snowvation's team can't name every possible question. That's why we've released a robust tool to allow partners complete control over guest data. Create any question, in a variety of formats: multiple choice questions for ability levels, free-form text questions for goals of the visit, and so on. Your guest data matters and the new guest questionnaires allow you the flexibility to capture as much as you desire, again on a per-activity, per-product (i.e. only kid's programs need to select a lunch option) or per-resort basis. Easily search historical answers from your guests and track their evolution as a customer at your resort.

Post Transaction - Perhaps most important, online waivers and guest questionnaires now occur post-transaction with Snowvation. While capturing e-signatures and answers to private lesson questionnaires are important, collecting payment from the guest is first and foremost. As part of our overhauled e-commerce experience, we now offer a rapid process in just a few steps from product selection to entering the credit card for payment. Once payment has been processed, we can now add a few extra steps such as waivers and questions, for the guest to complete before receiving their full online confirmation. 

In Summary, we're pleased to release this breadth of new features. It's time for guests to have the effortless experience they desire while allowing your resort to capture payment and check all the necessary boxes before the guest ever sets foot in your resort. 1) Select items 2) Pay 3) Sign Waiver 4) Answer Questions 5) Arrive at the resort and get on the snow!


Snowvation Releases Overhauled E-Commerce Experience


Meet the New Standard in Resort Activity Booking

Snowvation, the fastest growing resort activity booking and management platform, is pleased to announce the release of its latest version of e-commerce technology. Snowvation's new user experience offers resorts and resort guests a crisp and seamless single page booking experience for all resort activities and products. 

Guests can browse real time product availability on any date, without entering any customer information. Inventory updates live, and resorts will never leave business on the table again by underselling. First time users can proceed through the entire experience without needing to create an account, and booking a single activity for a guest can take as little as 20 seconds. Returning guests simply enter their email address to pull up their entire account history and associated party members, allowing repeat visitors to quickly rebook their favorite activities at resorts.

"A core principle of our work at Snowvation is collecting actionable feedback from our resort partners across the globe. This Winter, we gathered feedback from hundreds of end users at resorts and visitors to resorts, to fine tune the Snowvation booking experience. As a result, the new user experience is representative of consumer buying behavior from a broad range of users across multiple geographies and various resort types and offerings, allowing our partner resorts to maximize conversion and drive online sales growth" said Michael Stocker, CEO at Snowvation. "Resorts shouldn't make it difficult for guests to give them their money, and with Snowvation's new e-commerce experience, it is now easier than ever."

Snowvation has processed over 10,000 successful online payments this ski season alone at just a couple dozen resorts, and millions of dollars in transactions for its partner resorts across the globe. Snowvation's new e-commerce experience is currently live for online booking at all partner resorts, and will be available to new resorts heading into Winter 2018-19, as well as new resorts on Snowvation's Summer Platform in Summer 2018.

Book now at Snowvation partner resorts around the world, such as Rusutsu in Japan, Sundance Resort in Utah, or Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire.

To learn more, and bring your resort into the modern era of e-commerce, please contact us at info@snowvation.com to request a demo.

Pay 0% Credit Card Fees When Your Resort Switches From FareHarbor

Join the Fastest Growing Booking Platform in the Ski & Snowboard Industry

Snowvation is pleased to offer 0% credit card processing fees and no subscription or license fees for the 2018-2019 Winter season to any ski & snowboard area currently using FareHarbor. After that, your resort will only pay our low rate of 1.8% per transaction, all card types, all countries. Simply show us your current booking site with FareHarbor, and we will take care of all the work for you to migrate over to the ski industry’s best platform for activity booking and management. Running a resort, whether it is snow sports school, zip-lining, snow tubing, or beyond, is a nuanced operation and not the same as running a boat guiding company in the islands. We know that, and that’s why we’re happy to get rid of the headaches that come with using products from outside of the ski & snowboard industry. Sell any activity, product, or program your resort offers, at no cost to your resort. 

Join resorts like Tamarack, Sundance, Mount Snow, and more. Seamless e-commerce in the ski industry is more important than ever; using the words of our friends at Tamarack, "We were also able to pre-book more lessons than we ever had in the history of Tamarack for the holiday season because of the online booking" (Chelsea Tuttle, Snow Sports Administrator).

Snowvation is the ski and snowboard industry’s leading new management & booking platform, and focused solely on the ski resort industry. Nearly every member of the Snowvation team has been on the front lines of resort operations, ski school, and beyond. We’ve dealt with the long lines during the holiday period, the clipboards covered in snow, whiteboards taking up all of your office space, and the constant flow of manual processes that prevent you and your guests from maximizing time on snow. With Snowvation, you can manage everything from your lineup in ski school, to your pre-bookings for rentals & tickets, and beyond, all from a smartphone. Plus, your guests receive a ski industry specific account with ShredBetter.com to manage their bookings and activities at your resort.

To get started, send us an email at info@snowvation.com, subject line “Switch to Snowvation” and we’ll schedule a quick 30 minute demo to get started with your new platform.

Snowvation Announces Summer Activity Booking Platform

DENVER, CO (February 6, 2018) — Snowvation is pleased to announce the launch of its Summer Activity E-Commerce & Management Platform. With warm weather just a couple of months away, Snowvation’s new summer platform will enable existing resort partners and carefully selected new clients to offer the same seamless online booking experience that Snowvation users have come to love, all wrapped into one platform.

Whether it is mountain biking, zip-lining, fly fishing, golf, and beyond, partner resorts can manage their inventory, bookings, schedules, and more with the new summer platform.  As resorts continue to add additional activities to their offerings in the summer, Snowvation’s platform has evolved to accommodate limitless growth in activity offerings regardless of the season.

Setting up new activities takes minutes and resorts can launch advanced bookings for summer activities in a handful of simple steps. Further, resorts using Snowvation in both winter and summer can leverage their access to the same customer and financial data and analytics across multiple seasons of activities.

The Snowvation summer platform is not limited to activities. Resorts can offer online sales for any product, such as mountain bike rentals, tee-times on the golf course, and personal instruction for any activity, with the same existing functionality available for winter sports instruction. All online booking is powered by Snowvation’s popular inventory management system, enabling resorts to manage capacity in a robust and dynamic fashion from any device.

Finally, Snowvation summer partners will be among the first to leverage Snowvation’s exceptionally low new credit card processing rate of 1.8%. Current and select new Snowvation partner resorts for summer 2018 will benefit from some of the most competitive available card processing rates in the market. These new low rates will be available for all card types and include no fixed-fee per transaction.

The summer platform will be officially available for resort launch and support in early March.

To learn more about Snowvation’s partner program for winter or summer resort activity booking, send an inquiry to info@snowvation.com with the subject line 30 minute demo. 

Media Contact: Jake Luster
jake@snowvation.com, (970) 633-0322


About Snowvation: Founded in 2016, Snowvation is the largest and fastest growing resort activity booking platform. Snowvation is a venture backed technology company growing the ski and snowboard resort industry by leveraging modern day technologies to help resorts like Mount Snow, Sundance, Rusutsu, and Tamarack, better accommodate and communicate with today’s customers. With innovative cloud software, it enhances guest experiences and streamlines resort operations and processes at over 25 resorts across the U.S., China, & Japan.

New Low 1.8% Credit Card Processing Rate for the 2018-2019 Summer & Winter Seasons


Denver, CO - Snowvation is pleased to announce groundbreaking cost savings with a new low rate of 1.8% credit card processing heading into the 2018-2019 Summer & Winter seasons. Starting next season, current and future Snowvation partner resorts will benefit from some of the most competitive available card processing rates in the market. These new low rates will be available for all card types and include no fixed-fee per transaction.

Groundbreaking cost savings with a new low rate of 1.8% credit card processing heading into the 2018-2019 Summer & Winter seasons.

For a resort producing $1,000,000 in seasonal ski school sales, for example, Snowvation’s card processing rate represents over $12,000 in seasonal savings from industry standard card rates. Further, Snowvation’s new card rate will be available to all partner resorts, regardless of the size and scope of the resorts operation and annual volume.
“We are thrilled to be able to help our resorts improve their margins with our new 1.8% credit card rate. In a recent study, it was noted that 75% of consumers prefer credit & debit cards as a method of payment with just 11% preferring cash. As our partner resorts customer bases move in this direction, we want to help them keep more of what they earn” said Michael Stocker, CEO at Snowvation. 

To date this season, Snowvation has processed millions of dollars for its partner resorts across the US, China, & Japan, while handling all PCI compliance, regulatory concerns, and credit card processing risks for its partners. Standard credit card processing rates vary between card type, method of payment, and more, but can be as high as 3.5% in some cases. New and current partners will begin to see the discounted rate of 1.8% beginning May 1, 2018.

Our Snowvation Experience - Tamarack, Idaho


We spoke with Snow Sports School Administrator Chelsea Tuttle from Tamarack Resort about her experience working with Snowvation technology thus far. Tamarack is located in beautiful western Idaho, just 90 miles from Boise. This is the first season Tamarack has partnered with Snowvation. 

 A family enjoying the great skiing Tamarack has to offer

A family enjoying the great skiing Tamarack has to offer

Why did you choose to partner with Snowvation for a new e-commerce/booking interface?

The support team at Snowvation has made all the difference. Knowing that I have the knowledge of the folks directly responsible for creating Snowvation at my fingertips for any conceivable problem or question I have has helped me use the system with confidence.
— Chelsea Tuttle, Snow Sports School Administrator

Short answer…I didn’t! It was decided before I was hired. HOWEVER, I think Wolfe (Operations Director) saw the huge growth potential for us in having a combined online booking/scheduling/follow-up (report card, guest interaction, etc) system at the resort. Prior to Snowvation, we did all of our bookings and scheduling over the phone and on paper, with no electronic system to back it up.

Describe your experience integrating Snowvation technology throughout Tamarack’s ski school.

Other than having to get all of our instructors onboard with the new online technology (we have some “old-school” folks here), it’s been a breeze. We are having to retrain our long-term guests to start booking online, which has gone pretty well, but otherwise working together with the Snowvation support team we’ve been able to get all of our products and pricing dialed in to make booking people easier than ever and take some of the load off of our shoulders with the online booking ability.

What prior issues did your resort face that were solved by implementing Snowvation technology?

We were also able to pre-book more lessons than we ever had in the history of Tamarack for the holiday season because of the online booking.

As mentioned above, trying to maintain a decent capacity expectation without overbooking accidentally and then scheduling without accidentally double-booking an instructor was something I can only assume were big problems before Snowvation. I know that we were also able to pre-book more lessons than we ever had in the history of Tamarack for the holiday season because of the online booking. Prior to Snowvation, every booking had to be taken over the phone and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to return every single phone call and give the kind of service expected over the holiday season. With online booking, the process was expedited and took a huge load off of our shoulders and enabled us to better serve our customer’s other needs.

How has the implementation of Snowvation enhanced both the guest and instructor experience at Tamarack?

 The beautiful view Tamarack has to offer

The beautiful view Tamarack has to offer

With the ability for customers to easily return to their accounts and book further lessons, it helps expedite the booking process even more. Connecting the instructor and guest digitally provides for a better guest experience and allows the instructor to communicate about the progress of the student in a way that they can retain for their own records. It also helps the instructors achieve recognition for the experiences they give to their students with the online review system, allowing future guests to feel like they’re getting a more personal experience by requesting an instructor that fits their needs best.

Any general thoughts on innovation and technology within the ski industry?

Having the ability to carry our booking/scheduling/review system essentially in our pockets on our phones or tablets has helped facilitate a lot of growth in our department and resort. Being able to glance at a layout of the day and see where our availability is and who is doing what at any given moment of the day makes booking walk-up clients easy and far less cumbersome than before.

Any additional comments about Tamarack, Snowvation, or other thoughts you would like to cover?

Throughout my time in this new position at Tamarack and working with Snowvation as a new addition to our resort, I have to say that the support team at Snowvation has made all the difference. Knowing that I have the knowledge of the folks directly responsible for creating Snowvation at my fingertips for any conceivable problem or question I have has helped me use the system with confidence. It’s a new company that’s still very much building and growing, but knowing they care so thoroughly about their clients and our needs makes me want to stick with Snowvation and be a part of its success as they continue to grow and develop.