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ShredBetter Crosses 5,000 Users & Launches ShredBetter Award Levels, a New Standard for Instructor Status

DENVER, COLORADO (March 28, 2017) - The 2016-17 ski & snowboard season is winding down and ShredBetter.com is pleased to announce ShredBetter Award Levels, the creation of a 2017-2018 ShredBetter Global Team, and our end of season metrics and numbers.

We are excited to announce that ShredBetter continues to be the world’s largest online platform for ski & snowboard instructor booking, profiles, reviews, ratings, and more. As of today’s release, 5,153 instructors and consumers utilize all of our 100% free functionality including digital progress cards, robust profiles, pictures, video & movement analysis of clients, reviews, ratings, and more.  What’s more, over 1,100 resort lessons have been facilitated through our platform and generated new revenue to over 20 resorts worldwide.

ShredBetter Awards for 2017-18: Starting in the 2017-18 season, ShredBetter is pleased to launch our ShredBetter Award Level and points system for all instructors on the platform. This new robust system of levels and points creates a new way for consumers looking to find the best instructors around the world. Based on a point system comprised of positive reviews, progress cards sent, bookings requested, and more, ShredBetter will reward instructors for embracing technology to facilitate the guest experience.  Points are awarded as follows:

Starting with our ShredBetter Diamond Level, to ShredBetter Double Diamond and Triple Diamond, consumers will have a new status quo to look for when searching for the best ski & snowboard instructor at any resort. ShredBetter instructors will automatically receive status upon meeting the minimum thresholds for each level. Additionally, all levels of ShredBetter Diamond Instructors will be featured at the top of their respective mountain pages. And, of course there will be plenty of swag to go along!

ShredBetter Global Team: We are delighted to announce the creation of the ShredBetter Global Team. The members of our Global Team represent the best of the best, having received 100s of 5-star reviews, 100s of progress cards sent, and countless booking requests all through ShredBetter.com and via our partner resorts websites. Our Global Team will be featured on the homepage of ShredBetter and will receive recognition at the 2017 NSAA National Show. Additionally, the Global Team will be a part of the ongoing enhancement of ShredBetter’s student level system, ratings and review metrics, digital progress card features, and more. Our Global Team represents ski & snowboard instructors from all corners of the world who are leaders in teaching, skiing & riding, and modern digital engagement. Stay tuned to hear the announcement of our ten 2017-18 ShredBetter Global Team members in the next few weeks.

We always want to hear from you! Contact us anytime, info@snowvation.com.


About ShredBetter

ShredBetter is the leading platform to find, rate, and review ski and snowboard instructors. Founded in 2013 by Mike Ma and Brian Morgan, ShredBetter.com has grown to a community of over 5,000 instructors and users who have shared thousands of reviews and progress cards with each other to improve guests’ on-snow experience.

About Snowvation Inc.

Snowvation, founded in 2015, strives to grow the ski & snowboard industry by leveraging modern day technologies to help resorts adapt to the changing consumer. Snowvation offers an innovative cloud software to enhance the guest experience at ski & snowboard resorts and to streamline resort operations and processes. Snowvation is the parent company of ShredBetter.