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Alex Lukens, Full Stack Engineer

Following a brief stint as a financial analyst for DISH Network, Alex discovered his true passion for computer science and software engineering after teaching himself SQL. He was quickly transitioned over to the data and analytics team for DISH's sales training department where he tried to identify trends between sales and various training programs. Realizing he wanted to have more of an impact on a company's success, he left DISH and joined a local startup, GoSpotCheck, as a data engineer. Here, he was responsible for interacting with customers to help them better understand their data and the app in general. Through his time at DISH and GoSpotCheck, Alex developed the skills necessary to pivot his career from finance into full stack software engineering.

Alex graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Business Administration. After graduation, he packed his bags and moved to Denver, Colorado where he quickly fell in love with all things outdoors and has lived here on and off ever since. It was this combination of the outdoors and technology that led him to Snowvation where he is excited to contribute to creating technological innovations for the ski industry.