Michael - Headshot.png

Michael Stocker, Founder & CEO

Michael is Founder & CEO at Snowvation. He realized the inefficiencies in the ski industry’s technology after spending several years as a certified ski instructor in Pennsylvania. Seeking to bring the industry into the year 2018 and beyond, he Founded Snowvation in 2016. Michael’s focus is on helping the ski industry better engage with the rapidly changing consumer, particularly the Millennial generation, by leveraging innovative new technologies. Michael believes that increasing Millennial participation in skiing and snowboarding is critical to the longevity and sustainability of the sport.

Prior to founding Snowvation in 2016, Michael studied Economics at The George Washington University. He worked in multiple positions on Capitol Hill in operational and government relations roles. In his spare time, Michael is an avid marathoner and traveler. Michael’s favorite place to ski is Vail, Colorado.